DesignCognitive is an Online Portal, primarily focusing on future technology. Like: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cognitive, Deep Learning, 5G Technology, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Design Thinking, BlockChain.


Our advertisement platform is versatile which plays an important role in promoting our clients' business. Regarding AI & ML, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, 5G Technology, IoT, and Cyber Security our website provides powerful knowledge to those who have an intense interest in New Technology. Design Cognitive provides a great platform for a huge targeted audience which enables you to get the right traffic relevant to your business or venture. We have different media platforms where all of your promotional content will be shared and advertised. With the best in business, we endeavor to bring the best and optimum results for our clients.

Types of ads offered:

  • Sponsored articles
  • Press Release service
  • Banner Ads

If you are interested in advertising on Design Cognitive, contact us at and we will get cracking on it.

What customers get in return?

A worldwide recognition and a huge social media outreach of trustworthy content. All the promotional content will be advertised by a team of connoisseurs and experts. Thus, the quality of content published through our platform will benefit your venture in long terms.

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